2 Months
2 Months
Rebooting Silicon Valley


Capturing the essence of the AI underground scene in Hayes Valley, or 'Cerebral Valley,' presented a unique set of challenges. The clandestine nature of these hacker houses and AI social clubs meant gaining access required navigating a world veiled in secrecy and exclusivity. Additionally, condensing the multifaceted stories of top founders within a 15-minute documentary imposed the challenge of distilling complex narratives into a compelling and coherent storyline. Balancing the need for authenticity while respecting the privacy of these innovators added another layer of complexity to the storytelling process.


Our goal with this documentary project was twofold: to unveil the clandestine world of the AI underground scene in Hayes Valley and to provide a platform for the top founders to share their experiences, challenges, and visions. We aimed to create a narrative that not only showcased the electric and revolutionary atmosphere within hacker houses and AI social clubs but also fostered a deeper understanding of the groundbreaking work happening in this unique community. By capturing the essence of this emerging subculture, our objective was to inspire and inform our audience about the transformative power of AI and the pioneers driving its evolution.


To tackle the challenges inherent in documenting the AI underground scene, our approach was immersive and collaborative. The NFX content team leveraged their experience and expertise to establish genuine connections with the top founders, gaining their trust and ensuring open dialogue. The 48-hour hackathon format allowed us to witness the day-to-day activities, conversations, and collaborations that define this subculture. We carefully crafted a narrative that balanced intrigue with respect for privacy, shedding light on the untold stories of innovation. Through meticulous editing and storytelling techniques, we condensed the wealth of information into a 15-minute documentary that captures the pulse of the AI underground in Hayes Valley, offering viewers a captivating glimpse into the future of technology.

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