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Los Angeles, CA

Our ultimate goal is to create the greatest 360 LED virtual production studio in the world.

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A state-of-the-art 360-degree virtual production studio, Wherever Studios, showcasing advanced technology for immersive video creation experiences.
The future
of Physical Production
360 degree LED Volume
cutting-edge technology
film production studio
large event space
Recording studio

Our mission is to build a creative playground on the edge of what's possible.

You will be able to unleash your full creativity with our team of tech-savvy and fearless filmmakers. With a 'never been done before' mindset, we will push the boundaries of conventional filmmaking by building out a full 360 degree LED volume fit for any virtual production project in the heart of Los Angeles, CA.

In collaboration with the Vū Network, we aim to become one of the world's largest virtual production stages, with a focus on delivering a seamless production experience to all projects. Our team of experts will lead the way in virtual production technology, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in film and unlocking new levels of creativity for our clients.
Frame 48
Unreal Engine
3D animation
Camera Tracking

World-class virtual content powered by Unreal Engine.

In addition to studio rentals, we also offer pre-production content creation services utilizing Unreal Engine, the leading technology in creating hyper-realistic virtual environments for various projects. Content creation for LED screens is the biggest and most crucial aspect of virtual production workflow. We will be able to provide complete support for all your virtual production and stage needs, creating an end-to-end production solution for our clients.
$7 Million
Los angeles

Costing roughly $7 Million,
our goal is to complete Wherever Studios by 2028.

Costs for the panels and warehouse are estimated in the range of $7-8M and will be located in the vicinity of LAX, providing easy travel and a large studio footprint. We will begin the fundraising process after our our production studio ramps up business in the next 2 years. We have a target list of investors through a series of conversations with our network in both Los Angeles and Silicon Valley.
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